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This time last year a hot blonde model walked out in the coveted wedding dress at the Jean-Paul Gaultier couture show, and the fashion world went mad. Not for the dress mind you - although Rhianna subsequently wore it to the Grammy awards - but for the 6'1" long limbed model with smooth skin and cheekbones to die for.  For this was not your average leggy blonde... Andrej Pejic is actually a MAN.  You could easily be fooled, and you wouldn't be the first... men's magazine FHM included Pejic on its 2011 list of the World's 100 Sexiest Women before they realised and issued an apology! 

Easy mistake to make...

I wrote about the trend for androgynous models back in 2010 in my blog for White Ibiza, but couldn't have predicted how big Pejic was to become... in the space of a year, he has conquered what is definitely a woman's world. Born in Bosnia Herzigova, Pejic and his family fled the war-torn region and settled in Australia - in the Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows. Having spent the first 25 years of my life in Melbourne, the "Broady Boys" as they were known, had a hell-raising reputation, but were not terribly into fashion (unless you counted check flannel shirts and acid wash Faberge jeans). Andrej Pejic in his Gaultier couture, is as far away from a Broady Boy as you could get...

Whilst it's arguably not so hard to put a man in a dress, Pejic has gotten more daring as his career in women's modelling has progressed. He showed off his knees in shorts for Marc by Marc Jacobs' Spring 2011 campaign, subsequently modelled for a Dutch push-up bra company, went topless on the cover of Dossier magazine (the issue was banned in some American bookstores!) and he is currently topless again, heading the campaign for Superfine London. Superfine is famous for some VERY skinny denim, so that can't be easy for a man to model! Pejic once said that he'd consider a sex change for a Victoria's Secret contract - there's not much room to hide in one of their creations - but given the way his career is going I don't think he'll need to resort to that.

Only the size 13 shoes look unusual...

Banned in US bookstores, including Barnes and Noble...

Back to the Superfine campaign - it might just be my favourite label at reVOLVER, and I always love their provocative black and white photography. The designer, former stylist Lucy Pinter obviously has a thing for photography too - her former Superfine partner Flora Evans is a photographer as is Pinter's real life partner Jan Welters, who shoots all the label's campaigns.  Here are some shots of Pejic from the current campaign:

The Lick black waistcoat

With his bleached blonde locks, contrasting thick dark eyebrows and legs that go on forever, Pejic is perfect!

Last week Andrej was again signed up by Gautier, to front its Kokorico (male) fragrance campaign.  It's an interesting move, considering he is to replace Spanish supermodel Jon Kortajarena, who isn't exactly a dud!

I'm sure Gaultier knows what he's doing though, and I can't wait to see the new photos!


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